The data room for...

Providing information

„I did not get this e-mail!“ This sentence cannot be used as an excuse anymore. Geohaus-Online keeps all authorized persons in the group up to date. It provides all documents, plans, information. A user rights management stipulates, what a user is allowed to see and to do.

How to plan

All authorized users have all current plans. These are online present. A spontaneous meeting never needs to work with old or without plans.

Keeping the records

The platform Geohaus-Online lets You keep all records in a clearly arranged order of Your choice, easy to be managed. Even complex projects are easy to document.

Filing the archive

For many projects the platform Geohaus-Online is a long-term storage, backup included. No data get lost. The editing of plans and informations even after closing the project is always possible.

Hosting geo-data

Not only documents and plans can be hosted on Geohaus-Online; all sorts of geo-data can be loaded, edited and evaluated. So You can locate Your vehicles and make Your specific client look, where is one of them.